Our Story

Mama Resch’s Story

Mama Resch’s was born over seven years ago out of love, desperation and a passion to fill a need. My oldest son was having various health issues from physical to lack of concentration, so we went on the hunt for a solution to our problem. After many hours of research and persistence we determined that he had an extreme intolerance to gluten, the protein found in wheat as well as about 75 other foods he could no longer eat.

Due to the other intolerances and allergies we could not buy commercial “gluten-free” baked goods or convenience foods. So, out of complete desperation, to let him have the same foods all the other first grade kids were eating, I started developing my own flour blends and recipes that he could eat. As it turned out they were awesome, unlike many of the store bought brands and healthier.

During this journey I discovered an entire community that was struggling with the exact same issues. As I shared my many creations with others I started to get requests to bake for others to the point that I could no longer do it out of my house, thus Mama Resch’s, a gluten free bakery was born. The new location is a dedicated gluten free, dairy free, nut free and soy free facility. One of the most unique attributes of Mama Resch’s is that we are gluten-free and allergen friendly. Welcome to the gluten-free revolution!

UPDATE! 2020 has been quite the year! In April after 7 years, I had to make the very difficult decision to close the bakery due to Covid-19, but the journey did not end there. Just because a virus had turned everything upside down did not mean the needs of the allergen community disappeared. I had to reimagine how to bring Mama Resch’s amazing products back to the community. It has been a 6 month journey to retool the business into an e-commerce site selling our gluten free and allergen friendly mixes for you to bake at home. You will still be able to enjoy the high quality amazing tasting goodies you did at the bakery, they will just be baked in your home!  Enjoy and thank you for all the support and prayers.

Our Mission

To serve the gluten-free and allergen community by providing the accessibility to the best tasting quality products the market has to offer. To educate and bring awareness to the greater community with an understanding of what it is to be gluten-free and allergen free. To make sure that no child or adult feels left out by not having the same foods as everyone else and to work with schools, daycares, hospitals, corporations etc. to incorporate gluten-free and allergen friendly foods into their menus.